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Search and Report on your Quality Data


What can Brew-Q’s reporting program do for your quality lab?

Brew-Q Report Writer DB Search


Report Writer: This is where you can create various graphs, reports, and charts. Want to see certain test results for only 12oz American Ales from 2014? This program is set up for any advanced searching you’d like. It’s also very simple to export into a spreadsheet or into other programs.


Original Gravity Final Gravity Beer Graph



Create templates of your most used graphs – this will save time for you later and your lab techs can easily come in and populate the data.




Beer Color Change Graph


View your data in a variety of customizable formats ranging from simple bar graphs and box-and-whiskers plots, to statistical process control charts like Xbar and R Charting.




There are numerous benefits to learning and analyzing your beer’s quality data. The Brew-Q Report Writer has the functions for those Quality Managers in need of simple or advances features.

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