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What can quality automation do for your brewery?

Today, we’re going to touch on our top 5 reasons breweries of all sizes can benefit from adding in a quality automation software such as Brew-Q.

  1. Accuracy
    By automatically interfacing to your testing instruments, you’re completely eliminating typing mistakes, math errors, and inaccuracies.
  2. Efficiency
    Stop writing data down on a clipboard to then type it into the computer! With quality automation software, you’re not duplicating efforts – which leads to faster and better process change decisions.
  3. Ease
    Reports on quality data can be set up to run automatically, all quality data can be audit logged & time stamped, and installation is quick and painless.
  4. Productivity
    Many customers see a 30-60% increase in lab productivity – allowing increased testing. By connecting quality automation software with a Brewery Management System, you’ll only increase the ease of running your brewery.
  5. Flexibility
    As your brewery continues to grow, Brew-Q can grow with you. It’s completely scalable – allowing you to start small.


Of course, there are many more benefits to automating your quality lab. We’d love to go over how we can help your specific brewery.

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