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Batches ScreenshotThrough the “Batches” tab you can:

  • Review detailed information on each batch of beer you are brewing including stage of brewing, quality checks, comments, type of beer, etc…
  • Export both batch info and quality data easily for use in Excel/Google Spreadsheets or simply send the information in an email directly from Brew-Q
  • All quality data is tied to specific identifiers and can easily be located using a simple database search
  • Store as many batches as you want! Once the data is in your Brew-Q database, you have complete control over it
  • Merge and split batches throughout the brewing process
  • Use our Fermentation Schedule to display detailed notes and guidelines
  • Record the date and duration of when a batch advances to the next brewing stage
  • Keep track of other important information such as fermenter vessel, fill volume, batch comments


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