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Brew-Q is a fully customizable monthly subscription, cloud-based quality software that aims to help quality departments acquire, analyze, and display product quality information. Comprised of several components, Brew-Q has numerous benefits such as the alerting of out-of-specification data points as they are being entered, and increased efficiency throughout the brewery. Brew-Q can save you time and money as your “one stop shop” for all quality data.

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When you sign up for Brew-Q, you can quickly begin creating your quality database, assigning user profiles, creating report templates, and much more.  Below, you’ll find the high level overview of Brew-Q.  We can connect via 2-way interface to Brewery Management Systems, PLC configurations, ERP systems, and instrument manufacturer’s software.

Brew-Q High Level Overview


Take a look through the components of Brew-Q by clicking below to learn more about what features we offer in order to improve your brewery’s productivity and efficiency.

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